Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Sanding the front door frame

 Todays the day when just sanding the front door frame really started to include the finalization of the front porch.

The electric sander is in the garage. As far as possible the door frame has had its paint removed.  The one side now needs to be cleaned up from the chiseled reduction of wood that enabled this screen door to actually close [slam shut]

Now the next big adventure is on. Sanding that door frame down a little. Today though may be a day of buying 

  • more paint stripper - especially one with a good sealing lid. Considering the paint stripper may be held in storage for other areas - it says on the label to close the lid securely die to the fumes evaporation.
  • putty.
The door frame took a lot of paint stripper to get right down under the four coats of pain already there.
The putty being for the final smoot effect needed for the door frame to once again be perfectly shaped like the beautiful piece of rose colored wood that it was initially.

Strange because even when this paining the door way project was started a few days ago consideration for the end result has grown.

Okay so one day soon there will be the written word No FOURTEEN scribed on both the screen and the wooden door.  In fact the desire to see the front porch completed has become of importance as well.

Partially as when the matriarch of the family comes either as a flying visit, or to stay once again, the entrance will probably have to be altered re the steps. But also the lower wall of the porch now needs to be finished to stop the rain coming through. 

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