Saturday, 30 April 2022

Something Different Really Does Start


Just one little twig added into the mix and something different really does start to come together.

In this post something that is so plain and unattractive to look at even a few weeks ago has come back with a vengeance. The current home maintenance activity on the home maintenance is the front door.  Which lead to the whole new completed and finished look for the whole door way  to change shift then come into view.

This post starts with a todays challenge that spiraled into an obvious answer to fix a much bigger challenge.

Right now Avocado seeds may be springing up all over the place, but so to are the butterbeans.  The ones where a bowl of water was partially filled up.  The packet of Butter bean torn open and tipped up and woops so many beans got wet.

Well that's a beauty about having a garden area where the tomatoes are due to come out. Plus various large pots with plants growing in them. 

All the yellow beans grew germinated. 

Some are now  into seedlings germinated. Every single one of them. So where to place these?

The square garden bed is just to small to happily house all of them.  

There is only one thing. 

hat one thing was that the Golden Wax Yellow Bean looks on the packet as being a Butter Bean. Right now the it looks like there will be many cooked stews and soups over summer this year if not the dehydrator going full on again this year.

When things don't quite work out as you would have wished remember that God has an ulterior plan that just maybe you are not yet ready to know about.

Unknown twigs to the plan had already happened

Right now there is the area near the worm and compost bins that has not one single plant container filled up with soil and mulch. The area against the fence which was where the Ivy was growing is big enough to house larger pots.  As the soil still has to irradiate both the blackberry and the ivy roots the dirt needs a rest in-between doses to be effective.

Guess that the Goldern Wax Yellow Beans in the pots will be the ones sitting on brick and wood benches yet to be created.

There is the answer.  "Masonry Bricks"

The area between the concreate and the fence is the width this council specifies. The iron from the reroofing was going to be uses. That would mean a small gap where emerging blackberry or ivy could get through.. But it would also mean that treatment for these two pest weeds would also run the risk of popping over the fence. Poison's on or in the plants, and chicken laying eggs, just does not work.

Would also allow the chicken to browse feed without scratching every single plant out of its way.

Very worth considering

Like was stated earlier sometimes things come straight way while other times several at first unrelated things come together.

Then you really do know that something different really does start to develop as an alternative choice to choose to get along with

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