Friday, 29 April 2022

There Is A Strange Thing About Adventures

The basic thing is everyone to their own thoughts and realisms for what their adventure is, or will be during the present time period of their life.

Others go for the straight and narrow.  Basically a

  • See it. 
  • Do it. 
  • Get it done philosophy.
Then often there is a lull.  That's a what the heck just happened feeling. The wave is high the down slip ride is usually fast.  

That climb back up onto another brilliant idea wave is waited on. 

Catch the ride up  

The undertow and your fine until the next crash down or tip up.

Now comes the undertow.  People who come along for the ride.  On what seems to be the leader of the dreams energy cycle. Keep pumping for all your worth while others leach off your strengths. 

People then undermine each weakness shown. 

Talk about you behind your back.  Worse in front of you. By now there is a feeling that...

  • Something has happened. 
  • Your energy has been drained
  • That focus you had ... long gone.
  • Now unfocused.
  • Unfortunately that is what so many people have happen to them in life.  Thus, as they now feel they have dug a hole and want to hide away their dreams, visions and aspirations come tumbling down.
Now there is another way of turning something into an adventure.

Treat every day as a new adventure
Each persons hopes, dreams, aspirations, and advantage points differ.  Simply because everyone is different.  Other than the fact that the world has splashed out some pretty dramatic times these last few years.

Some stop you in your 'adventure' tracks stuff. People all over the world slid into the emotional back flow within their own minds as life changed. Then kept changing.

Stop one second

To be able to look at, listen to or read something totally refreshing to the spirit each day could be just what is needed in that moment.  A starting point to the day.

Something of value to someone else. Someone close by, but today you might get more time to see them. To possibly hug and hold them.

But in the mean time, that person now has a direct confirmation.  They know you are thinking of them through one simple share.

A Smile 4 U is just that. 
 The people behind this A Smile 4 U are here to serve you a daily dose of sharable smiles.

Found in your email stream daily.  

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