Saturday, 2 April 2022

These Are Some Of The Eye Benefits Of Gardening

  Todays the day before the neighborhoods green waste goes out.  Which means there is a busy day ahead just in the behind the garden produce screens.

For over thirty years my eyes have been fixed to the computer screen for sometimes just 2 hours a day and others many hours until the next day.

Yet , surprisingly this year while at the opticians the back of the eye xray surprised the optician.

There is very little signs of aging or damage.

In 1985 when I first came to Australia , there was a news article on the study of Russian secretaries and their eyesight.  Many who used the computers had damage to the back of the eyes.  

But those that used computer screens had significantly much less damage occurring. This test was redone a few years later.  The screens had hindered the onset of what ever had been happening to the retina.

Three things have been done since then.

  1. Gardening has always been an interest. It's easier to have gardens outside than all over the floor when children are young.  Those gardens changed over time. No longer fenced off for children [ but yes for dogs.]
  2. The screens of the computer stand 30 cm higher than the keyboard on the desk. Meaning there is a stretching of the neck and shoulders in order to read the screen.  Good for the posture too.
  3. The use of top half of glasses with the sleep apnea colors to suit the iris reactive coordination necessary.  Yes being hyper sensitive to bright lights has had a great effect on the wearing of light blockers.
When your life becomes inter-digitalized there is a forced habit to create.  Stretch the eyes exercises.

Not sure about you, but the word exercise tends to create havocs with mental time tables.

That said, give the brain rest and time out. Do something you love to do.  Well gardening seems to be the thing that has saved the back of the retina.  So the fact that Its fun also appeals.  Plus can do it at odd hours of the day.

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