Saturday, 9 April 2022

To Learn A New Language


To start to remember the old language there had to be a time that was was right .  That moment in time where you are ready and willing to learn a new language.

This post presents both the now decision to move forward in business as well as the past experience of being introduced to a different was of reading documents.  This takes those the post was intended to be into an area of their own life.  One moment where the present connects way back int your past that now becomes clearer as to why that happened way back then.

Early in twothousandandandtwenty a challenge came into life. A person suggested that a site was visited and joined.  No it was not multi-marketing site.

In fact it was an official Government site.  It took a few weeks convincing to even think about this action.  Even then an accountant from church came to home and spoke to this person.

. After he had thoroughly questioned what my thoughts were, what was wanted to actually achieve, and where I believed this process would take me to

As it turned out this is now April the ninth 2021.Today a contract with my business has finally been roughed out.

Actually putting pen to blank paper being done with ease. Meaning the words flowed. There is now a basic one page contract written. Let's say there will be more to add, more to write and and more of the contractual words in found, understood and used... more hand printed copies to be rewritten.

Now all that has to happen is the step by step written subsections to be included in a future contract to be duly notated, autographed, stamped and filed duly within the documents received. Strangely enough it all takes me back into the nineteen hundred and late seventies, early eighties time when stocktaking and finding a box full of documents all hand written.

Butterflies Are Amazing

Well I was asked to stock take everything from there to here... and so I did. Turns out that that box had been missing a long time.  

This memory, like a butterfly being a focal point in a busy day, has literally opened it's own Pandora's box within a newly combined pathway ahead.

Find your memory  moments that create something you have been doing for years [ or decades] connect those two things smile and move forward.

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