Thursday, 28 April 2022

Were you worth that days pay


There were mites in that green waste bin.  

The near neighbour stated that one of their older chooks was found in the henhouse ... that it's no longer with them being berried under some plant in the back yard. However the importance of the next sentence was not then known. 

Hidden meaning to unexplored questions

There are feathers in the bin. Do you mind?

Before we begin to unpack the story of what happened next , let's look at the surrounding context of the full declaration and what should have happened quicker.

When an animal dies the mites, fleas or other life forms that hide in hair, fur or feathers seek out new energy sources. Conditions being right for them there is the tendency to mass produce just to make sure survivors are there to carry on the legacy.

Well sometimes things just are not as they seem.  

From this end the primary focus was on the manure needed in the compost bin. The only thing was time, as the house  front door job took precedence.

Thus over the next seven days the bins were left in the sun heating up quite well with the decaying manure food source.  A big oops.

Here we go to get that job done

Of the two green waste bins being added to the compost bins one has a host of these little things not infesting the compost. Just before this was the phone call from a friend on the land. So while the compost bins got full with different layers of garden waste from here, lawn clipping and manure/straw mixed with lots of lime the phone conversation went back and forth.

The mites had settled right down the bottom of the bin. And it was not until the bin was finally tipped upside down that the concrete was swept and added back into the green waste bin for next weeks collection.

Careful of the priorities you choose

 Last thing to be disturbed meant at least that shower was right on the cards.

The clothes ended up straight away in the washing machine... on hot cycle.  The underclothes sprayed with flys spray.

Again, another chance at the mites having close personal contact meant an urgent note to self. That the fly and bug spray is also kept in the garden tool shed.  It was at that time the flyspray was active also in the empty Green Waste bins.

Be humble as you are grateful

In this world to have a house to live in, it may be falling apart but things still work said a friend who lives in a bus, no wheels, the bus leaks, there is no running water but what a truck brings from a creak, and they live in another state in the desert area.

"At least you can have a shower" was the last thing heard as that mad dash occurred for the quick dive into the shower while the person on the other end of the phone just laughed. 

Soon enough after that shower, hair shampoo and conditioner, things began to feel right with the world

As a comparison what can we learn from mites

On a lighter note there is another way to think about these mites. Jesus uses the example of a widow who gave a few mites. An insignificant amount  to the people with more to offer. [ Mark 12:44 ]

Things change when you are at the bottom of the pecking order. These two coins were probably all this person had. Each worth about 1/64th of a denarius. Basically about a days wage for the common people of the day. 

Like the widow whose heart was in the right place the chook also gave it's all. Every day another egg.

With that the cycle of life has carried on.

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