Thursday, 14 April 2022

What Will I Do With These Succulents

Over the last two months, while watering the plants in pots outside, there have been flashes of " what will I do with these succulents." When mum was here she grew succulents from cuttings usually gathered while buzzing around town on here go-go.  

Many, like the dragon flowers, have found homes along the built up garden level above the foot path area. A place where now that these bushes, plus the Lilli Pilli up one level, have been there for over fifteen years there is little spare moisture during the afternoon sun.

So, hidden amongst the furry green bushes with tiny little purple flowers, these dragon fruits shallow roots system have been tucked into the lawn clippings between the bushes.

But there still are a few different ground cover succulent plants left in pots growing quite well. Filling up the pots containing them. 

By next year there will be overflow from these potted plants happening. 

So what to do with these plants was the question that hung around begging for an answer!

It's the thing that happens sometimes with gardens. You have one idea - while the garden itself has a totally different idea. The adventure happens while you try and figure out just what is going on in the garden you believe you are creating! 

A couple of posts ago there was written about the Jerusalem Artichokes outside the driveway at the front.

This drive was is on a two station wagon vehicle length slope. At an odd angel to exit the vehicles when you have an older parent staying or visiting you.

Which gives you an idea of the water retention challenges along the drive way!

Add to this the Lilly Pilei trees that grow along the neighbors fence line.  No sun, while there is still not enough soil as ground cover. Except for that that has been put here as mulch over the last twelve months.

At least the small hand spade was able to go in the top soil this year. That was found out when the succulent that were in the posts found out they had a new home. 

A home that soon will have to be disturbed around them as the Jerusalem Artichokes gradually get dug up, removed, cleaned off and replanted in well soiled deep pots. Placed out the back side fence along where the dogs usually like to hide.

The message is simply : At times you realize what while you may wonder What will I do with these succulents, the garden may know better what it needs than you do at that time, and the garden will win.

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