Sunday, 17 April 2022

Worm Farms Are Handy Things

 Worm farms are handy things. Some of them are easily moved around while others are one placement wonders. Worm farms are all about decomposing vegetation.  When you do it right though there is the possibility of competition.  You want the worms.  Insects such as ants are competition for the worms food source. 

But there are some disadvantages that go along with decomposing material.  Basically insects and molds.

This post covers worms verses ants!  But if you do not mind the ants removing some of the food from the worms farm then just let things be.

  • Ants dislike high moisture levels where as the worms enjoy a swim in their decomposing liquid gold...the worm tea pool.
    • Add an external pool for the ants  to cross over in order to reach your worm farm
      • Remove all over hanging branches or ivy so the ants do not build a brings to get to the decomposing food source.
        • remember to keep that water level up.
    • Use an oil. Alternatively oily cream or gel and keep the creamed are free from ant climbing materials that will over the stick to the cream or jell
      • Something like Vaseline will do the job.
All in all what you and your worm farm are doing is basically diverting organic waste into a more organic useable nutrient rich garden fertilizer.

What is needed is a way for the fertilizer to seep into the garden as quick as possible. Ants make tunnels in the ground to get to their Queen and her eggs in the nest. 

Should you not mind the ants visiting the food supply then move on, don't worry about them. Or supply a slightly drier alternative. The dog, cat or human 'poop' bucket that the ants can also enjoy. All by themselves - free of worms.

Meanwhile choose to take an active part inside the sustainable gardening adventures of every day with knowing that worm farms are handy things as an 'enterprise' as well.

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