Monday, 9 May 2022

A quick time to rearrange, and kick start, your life

 Strange just how much people s actions tend to raise up something very protective on some receivers, yet totally crush other people.

To put this in perspective 

  • Susan something very big will happen soon was stated verbally.
    • Now I thought  oh cool as we had been online connecting into one of many systems for the last few years.   You could say what the speaker actually stated was something along the lines of what has happened ... but it certainly was not what I thought would happen.  Infact, the two extremums happened.
  • The came the first of the emails.  Nasty to receive.  Worst to have to show the other people specifically mentioned.
Please note that in previous years that something within now was not faithfully actually engaged.

That's something was a dream  Just before dawn as the sleeper in my bed began to prepare to what to do the mind and body got a clear message. 

The result... once the hahhahhah moment had literally blipped out side into the evaporated air.  The wow what an opportunity Susan! Arrived.

In between organising IT people in order to c0ver the broad range of what did happen.

  • Yes details had been altered. 
    • the attached information on the backup of that companies computer data has already been investigated from the obvious what was not stated. 
      • An email with the time dated had been immediately sent in when something was experienced, but not seen.
      • An other email again sent in when what was was no longer there as it had been created.  Some how the account was replaced with a minimal action one.  AKA the initial one someone would give to a learner.
        • Wow is that what it looks like in the very basic system being the immediate thought. Followed by " Hey wait on! Never did I ever agree to being under you"
  • Many access social sites  have been upgraded into new emails and cryptic passwords allocated.
  • A very small, plain quantum language document was sent.
  • What else has happened in that a mass of reorganisation of desk and filing space occurred.  Even the draws are now tidy.
  • Additionally the process forward planned out.
You see what actually was sent to try and destroy someone, just made the gone into a clam mode.  Talk to God and read the rest of the book of Matthew, and Mark.

Earlier today the new account was created. Woops one clerical error just meant tracking back to find out how to correctly edit the little mistake.

All that has to be done now is to actually fix up the ink for the printer to print out these data replaced information sheets.

It's called Think like the professional you are within.  Not the trapped, dare I breath again just yet, rag doll you once were.  If you do not yet have enough backbone... the God, he tends to loan you some cause you invited His Son within.

Trial and tribulation boring with it a lot of quirks.  Adversely the ground may have a lot of rock like formations.    Tart sifting the rubble out of the trash. 

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