Sunday, 22 May 2022

Decision Time For Front Entrance Colour Scheme

 Now is the time to choose the new look

When all is said and done there comes an actual decision time for the number 14 house colour scheme.

Currently number 14 's colour scheme involves a yucky coloured plastic external paint of olive green. The ex owner of this house was the Department of Human services where you had a practical choice. What was most abundant at the time.

Well the plastic coated olive green was slapped on quickly and proficiently.

Just one thing years later the revealing bubbles came up. The paint had been slapped over the original dark brown - no sugar soap wash given.

Use of Sugar Soap is a given

The sugar soap for some reason binds the new layers to the old.  For the last fifteen years it had been noticeable the 'paint' bubbles were gradually popping. A clear sign to painters that they would have have to strip the paints many layers down to nothing. Or use a sander if the paint was not this plastic stuff.

So now that most of the area has been stripped own, sanded and sugar soaped washed what were the choices?

Answer: A Gloss Bronze!

Turns out the Metalsheild paint purchased a few months ago is a hammered finish for metal protection will cover the outside of the screen door. Already primed with a metal protectant. And most importantly the code number 32GD1269 < just in case the one litre tin runs out and a four litre one replaces it!

But hay, the thing is another decision was made. To use the white primer coat to cover the black and also the initial coat of white on an extension of the handrail.

Once that is dry cover again these metal areas with the gloss bronze paint.

Rather than all out bust your guts methods used for removing the blackberry and vines painting is a whole different aspect of a home.

Learn the skills as you go

Basically one day a week roughly gets allocated to actual house maintaince.  Be it shopping for the tools or the actual oh heck it's time to continue this exercise.

Mostly things purchased for one thing may be utilized for another. Which is the beauty of self purchasing, keeping the tins, just in case their is a need for the code number to be there for the next tins colour

Enjoy the adventure of where your choice takes you

This has all come into being since it was an actual decision time for the front entrance colour scheme to be made 

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