Saturday, 7 May 2022

Dig Down To The Roots Carefully

 Early in 2020 a ex farming family friend came here to number 14 and said "Susan You will not get rid of the Blackberry. Especially if the head is under the concrete! All you can do is locate when base of the root as far as you can. Dig that up. Fill in the hole."

Such friendly advice

A little more study online lead to alternative thinking to be included in the tried and tested methods.

A lot of digging downwards, even the pouring weed killer as far down the nearby walls and concrete footpaths 'could' allow me too get a toe hold in the ridding of blackberry brambles.

That friend was right.

Cut the blackberry down. Chop up the blackberry into manageable size pieces. Mow over once, twice, then over again. 

This way there was more to add into the Green Waste bins. With no overhang of branches.

Why 'Hello' my friendly blackberry 

Spring, summer and autumn that blackberry kept coming up to the surface.  Over the growing season quite a lot of this blackberry went out in the Green Waste councils pick up. That felt a waste.  

What could black berry be used for!  Online is a terrific place. Lots of answers there.

Now its nearly winter 

Preparation of the room to store, plus air dry the garden produce hits a few snags as well.

Rearrange a few hooks in the wall frame. Add string, or wire. Plus clothes pegs and there you have it. A line to dry the black berry roots once dug out as far as can go. Washed and left to dry under cover.

Blackberry is a prickly, scrambling invasive shrub! Not a herb

Given that herbs are not things that produce woody stems the blackberry is not considered a herb.

Therefore It had to be asked.. what use was the blackberry bush parts?  Besides eating the fruit raw or cooked.  Blended or juiced.  There were leaves, branches and roots! Usually an oversupply of these. 

The adventure has been to 

Find out what it is about the blackberry that has health and living properties.  Then what to do about including these into the lives of the people at 'number 14'.

Simple answers that you may want to smile at are included through this link.  It is up to you as to what you want to do with the information. 

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