Sunday, 1 May 2022

Everything goes to waste

'what the heck was worm tea?' Could just see little fairies and worms doing some activity together. But not in what was actually found to be worm tea! Lets just say the fairies got off lightly.

As kitchen scraps and garden bits start to decompose a lot of moisture gathers. Be that moisture from the actual decomposition process, or the moisture from outside seeping into the ventilation holes was yet to be answered.

Anyway all this moisture arrives at the bottom level of the worm farm. Worms all sizes have a literal field day. Right in the center of that third level down in an island. As worms dry out in the air it's a bit difficult to say they sunbake there on the top of the island.

There is a slight challenge to the worms. Especially if they are small. Once they are down there how do the get back up to the rotting matter?  The bigger ones just crawl back up the walls and across the bottom of the level higher. Then they wiggle into through the hole.  Find a comfy place and most likely carry on eating. 

Remembering what goes in also comes out.  And trickles down into the swimming pool.

There is a limit to the swimming pool's height.  The top of the four legs of the lower level  have "ventilation  of overflow holes.'

Should these overflow holes end up with any floating excess landing on them the water goes higher that the islands height.

Luckily though just incase this actually does occur the overflow holes dripple the moisture down the sides of the Worm Farm.  

From outside there becomes a rather wet area. In our case this is on the concreate.

There is a totally better solution. It is called the tap. Turn the tap one way it closes. Turn it the other way and the flow of this dark rich worm tea appears.

Usually with a few decomposing worms in the mess. Sometime later the tap was actually turned off. This enabled the worms swimming pool to fill up again.

The beautiful thing is every few weeks there is  nearly a bucket full of worm tea to pour around the potted plants.  As strong as you need it to be, or as week as you can water that sluggie liquid down too.

And the potted plants now get the benefit of that tea.

Looking after worms is simply rewarding. Nothing, yet everything, goes to waste!

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