Monday, 2 May 2022

Older Dogs Befuddle Themselves.

 Computers and the internet befuddle many people. But so too do older dogs befuddle themselves.

Directions are meant to be easy to follow they barked. Understood by all they yapped. Relatable to every age, generally they moaned. 

As well as concept grasping! 

The gift everyone leaves the 'area' with.

Most times this is just not so with a nearly blind and mostly deaf twenty year old dog!.

Boof is basically blind, and very deaf. Should I or Sox, Boofs litter brother, walk out of Boof's line of vision he wanders around until he sees you. Or thinks he sees you.

Oh it's you!

So this morning that is what Boof did just that. Headed straight for a man and his dog. Sniffed everyone over and that's when Sox and I arrived. 

The man was an older man and his dog was really well behaved.

The man saw Sox and I. Heard myself 'yelling' Boofs name. Saw that Boof just had  no idea what was external of the way he thought we had gone.

Who are you? Where is mum?

Boof's now got used to Oh there you are. Then whose this... oh a new friend!  Boof will have just one more friendly smell... smile and think... come join me here MUM

Gotta admit that this time with these two twenty year old [ read young] canine brothers is something that not many people get to enjoy.

Worn out

Right now they are asleep. Dogs! "Befuddle themselves" they consider as an uncalled for statement. They are guarding their pillows!

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