Thursday, 26 May 2022

One Job Time Frame

 When tackling a new job that has a new set of skills how to estimate the time it will take you tends to include other things.

As a young parent

 I'd leave things like painting now to the people who know how to do it.

Looking after others in the family

 As a person looking after older members of your family.  Be the older children, relatives or close family.

Working, or studying, away from home 

Same as above

Working at all from home...

Here you have a little more time freedom possibly.  The painting of the front door, plus the porch rail took nearly four weeks.  

That four weeks does not count the paint stripping and sanding or the doors, door frame  and the small, but tricky confined and hard to get at area between the meter box and the ninety degree side facing wall! 

Forgot something 

What it did take is an extra few days to get from the nearly painting of the rust remover on the metal to today's effort actually repainting  nearly all the porch rails vertical. I missed a hard to get at part of one. 

Panic not. Now a tomorrows job after another paint brush is purchased.

What is interesting

 There is a relaxed atmosphere. Okay so a piece was missing the full treatment.  The day has simply run out to complete the job fully.

What is important to me is when the weather is fairer to the paint drying the thirty minutes split between two areas of pain about one and a half meters in total will not take long.  The biggest factor, besides a new paint brush is the initial coat of whites drying time.

One adventure has many aspects

On that point within this adventure anyone may smile at.

Meanwhile there is also the garden to tend to for the next week or so.

Catch up soon when you are back here. 

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