Friday, 27 May 2022

Photo boomed Dogs took precedence over six hours work result

OOOORRR they are cute

Funny thing happened today. It was one of those days where determined as you are something is going to be twigged just for you.  Does not matter how these moments turn around your day experience has told that you just accept them and smile as they happen.

Whether inconvenient, embarrassing or the moment was meant so you could learn  things from those moments they happen.

Was impressed with self

  • Firstly walked out side to check o0n the porch handrail.  
    • One coat and there was a golden 'dapperly' effect.  Cool look.
    • Two coats and the golden bronze solid effect was a wow.
As the photos from different angels were taken the green plastic paint on the wooden side ways slates drew attention.

That's It
Mind made up there is another job to do once the front doorway has been completed. Especially standing there at home looking at a few of these photos.
  • took photos of the veranda side railing.  All facets of the side railing. Left/ right.  Facing the wall. Facing the drive way. 
Shhhsh, quiet! Dog talking
According to the two dogs in the house it was now time to be included in these photos shoots. All the really good ones.

Finally walked into town to the shop the paint was brought from.  Neither the lady in charge of the area, or I, are camera adapt.

Staff Member sort for assistance
A man my age approached and he said yip you front gallery in settings.  

What? I was looking for the simple word : Photo's.

Now the three of us were looking at the photos.  The dogs, bless them, got more attention than the six hours of painting dedication it took yesterday to just do this far.

What else could you say!
That's it the dogs have been laughed at.  Me : well I smiled as these two twenty year old dogs stole the show!  Hence the title :Photo boomed Dogs took precedence over six hours work result.

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