Wednesday, 4 May 2022

Pumpkins are ready to harvest and store

Just finished todays harvest from the side garden. Admittedly the pumpkins are ready to harvest and store probably as long as a month ago. However, the compost storage was full to overflowing. So one job at a time lead to a few more basic maintenance jobs in-between.

In this post to write today was the day where another eight of the pumpkins were harvested. Not the ones covering the concreate. For most of the fence wall.

So far harvested this year have been 

  • Baby Bear 
  • Early Sweet Sugar Pie
  • Orange smoothies
  • Small Sugars

What started out with a colder weather reminder of more frosts to come along with snow on the mountains basically cleared that half of this long stand up garden off.

One kitchen knife was used to cut through the stem holding the pumpkins up. Hanging freely from the fence.  Its amazing the strength of the vines that held the pumpkins in place.

Sure these were not humungous pumpkins. The thing is to grow the pumpkin to the size your family members usually eat  in a week.

That way there's one pumpkin as the basis for at least three meals as winter time creeps ever closer.

When is the pumpkin ready to pick?

  • The right time of year is there today
  • You see the desired color turn happen
  • That finger nail of yours does not poke a hole in the rind.
  • Now the Knock, know check on the rind does not sound hallow
  • lLstly the skin begins to tuned brown.

Store in a darkened, cool, dry place. Definitely not moist room.  Allow air to circulate around the pumpkin as it sits on the metal shelf or a clean dry piece of cardboard used as a mat for that pumpkin.

Actually this is the method that is preferred. Reason being is that any wet seepage  has a chance of being identified easier.

 As with all the other fruits and produce from a garden store in an area that is 'the drier the better.'

Next year the pumpkins will be grown in the actual back yard in pots.  The back yard being basically just concrete.  Variety added will be the Gourds and their different varieties. 

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