Thursday, 5 May 2022

Smiles are terrific

This time last year there was me running around the neighbourhood during the day and collecting rubbish bins that those who had no rubbish needed full.  They were to embarrassed to add another bin out there with just a little bit in there. A waster f the rubbish mans time.  

This was terrific as the rubbish left behind here needed to be taken away and as quickly as possible.

From that time to now people are still helping out. This time though its there Green Waste bins. Have four compost bins and one worm farm.  The other challenge is that nearly all the place is concrete.

The vegetable garden now has nutrients within the soil - it's loom is terrific. Gradually though on the outer side of the  seven foot fence the loom there is to be upgraded. The yellow wax beans planted there are growing well. But could do with a helping hand.

That helping hand is the matured compost created from the supplies of green waste.

That's where the fun starts. The vegetables shared between neighbours is a wonderful surprise for each of these families.

Is it worth spending the time gardening, watering, weeding,  and all the other bits to create something wonderful.  The simple answer is yes it is. Their smiles are terrific.

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