Thursday, 12 May 2022

Store It In The Glass Jars

A few months ago large, medium and small jars - with lids - were sort out every two weeks. The reason is there is a room in the house that has shelves, desks and a table that has chairs.  Plus a really large home deep freeze.

Bar the jars, these all came from the place at number 19, around the corner.

The connecting 'L' shaped bench's originally came from a youth meeting time that closed down over ten years ago.

The table and chairs were found around the corner and brought home.

The shelves arrived here when shifting from the old lounge room, a bedroom and the back shed.  Where everything else happened to be squished in there.

Food  was stored in all sorts of places. The laundry, hall cupboards, on shelves and even the back veranda.

Then the shift to no 14 happened.

At number 14 there are three rooms. Two single ones and a double room. But there was a definite "NO' to myself having that particular room in the house. Nor was there any interest in sleeping in the house at all. 

Challenge was ... what to do with the food in boxes and cartons.  

After a few months the basic things for a store room where in that main room.  Commonly called a shambles.

Shelves are still needed

But now those shelves are needed for a difference reason.  The garden has produced vegetables and herbs. 

So far there are

  • Tomatoes in oil.
  • Parsley
  • Rosemary
  • Pumpkins and marrows 

Also thee has been products from the closest Indian produce shop. The only thing has been the coincidence of mice outside that have the desire to come inside.

So what do you do when there are pests around who have tried to eat the cooked dog biscuits and burry themselves in packets.

Step by step Get organised

That meant tidying up. Rearranging while putting away. The stock take is yet to come through... next year for that.

In the meantime there was this mouse.  At least one eating into the packets.

Freeginism steps in here

Large glass jars with glass lids from anywhere. Just the same ones enable congruency with stacking the . 

Opportunity shops began to get raided. Every second Friday. Sometimes in between.

Gradually the shelves are filling up with those glass jars. So to is the rescued table top surface nearly full of waiting empty jars.




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