Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Sugar Soap Clean Up Done

 Phase One of the sugar soap clean up has been completed

At least for the front door and veranda area.

The quandary so far is the two colours of the veranda rail.  Some black, some white sections. Solution is to paint these with the top coat of outside white paint.  Let this dry . Solves the further rust challenge once that little bit of rust has been worked on with the sander. [ brought a few weeks ago.]

That is when it was realised the whole rust protection along with the Sugar Soap wash two would need to be redone.

But to continue from before that nasty realisation ...

Meanwhile while wiping down the upper sections above the actual front door rough bits were found.  They will need sanding and then another wash down

The answer to this was to simply wash everything down with the sugar soap anyway. 

When that area is dry the review of all this all once dry will be done simply through running fingers over the non door areas.

Which area to paint first was next

Acknowledge that the

  • front door does need to be painted before the real onset of winter hits.
  • screen doors will stay wetter for longer just because of how the screen is created... water has something to hang around on. 
    • The actual screen is easier to paint with spray cans as the paint gets through easier than a brush. But the door and the metal will be painted with a white gloss by a thin sized brush. 
    • The number fourteen calligraphies in bronze on the door.
    • Woops that's a thought. 
      • A white screen.  
      • White calligraphed fourteen
      • While the actual screen frame is Glass Bronze.
  • the metal frame work on the front porch needs to be just one colour. Just for the satisfaction of knowing it's one colour underneath.
There in lies the solution
Make the choice then action it.

Right now the metal and the door has dried. Thus the white gloss paint is about to be shaken and stirred. The porch is about to be covered with the blue tarp in the bath. 
The tape applied to the bricks just in case of spare paint hitting the brickwork.

It's just been realised the choice was already made yesterday morning.

The painting clothes are on me already.  It's time to get a move on while the weather is terrific drying weather.  Still and warm.

Cheerers for now

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