Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Thursday Is The Day Of The Rubbish Collection

 Thursdays is the day of the rubbish collection. Every two weeks the green waste bins get picked up.  Tomorrow is that day.  

There is a near neighbor who has chooks, a couple of guinea pigs and a rabbit. They are housed in the hen house or their cages. Their homes are cleaned out once a week. That's a half a green bin of waste every week.  

So, today being the day before green waste day the bins are removed and placed in the backyard here. Usually in the late afternoon.

The house number 14 has had the hedge trimmed out the back with the new chainsaw. It's tiny, lightweight, easy to use. There is a safety button that must be pushed down while you use it. Feels fantastic with a 110mm as though you can cut anything. 

And that anything is basically what was cut out the back there.  

The ivy was so tall and thick. The trunk had as thickness of over ten cm. The saw is just meant to cut 2 cm.  Which of course was instantly doable. Cut the area in "V"s. One 'V' then move down and another 'V'.  The between these a third 'V' gets cut.

Repeat every time there is a challenge with the thinkness requirement.

That level of fun took a while. After that the shrubs along the driveway received a trim back. The branches ending up behind the garage waiting to be further trimmed down. This of course was a last few minutes before darkness hit for the night thing.  

There was time left for the fuzzy bits to be dumped in two of the part filled compost bins. At the back were the Ivy that had been cut down. Blackberry too.

Both these plants are not weathering the poison that is also being fed to them. Which has helped with the trimming of everything.

The only thing was there was a full green waste bin to be filled up. That's waiting out at the drive for tomorrows pick up.  

Afterwards that bin will be taken over to the neighbor's property where the two bins come from.

In a few months the compost will really be so well broken down, mixed up and the real work will begin again. This time though the compost goes onto the little square garden and the plants around the back yard.

It was from the plants in the garden that found a new home. The Avocado trees that sprouted, along with the Jerusalem Artichoke plants, the yellow marrow fruits, celery and mild green chilies. These are fruits of the compost from these same bins.

Once again, when Thursday is the day of the rubbish collection, there is sometimes a real surprise in order.


That's when I remembered

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