Monday, 23 May 2022

To Buy One Little Paint Brush

Today is the day that was set aside to buy one little paint brush.

Over the last few days the front doors veranda has started to continue the fix up maintenance.

Yesterday the only thing that was completed was one coat of rust remover.

Other peoples ideas

Now being told that liquid rust remover was not something to be used ...etc... a few weeks have gone by. The thing was the liquid paint stripper had already been purchased.  Was quietly sitting in the bathtub with the rest of the painting stuff for the door way.

To have spent thirty dollars on a small bottle of rust remover was a great feeling.  Then to be told it was a waste was a horrible feeling.

Well it was a fine winters day yesterday. 

Today was another beautiful one. It was yesterday as the eye caught the square bottle that sat on the bath tubs edge the thought popped into the head. 

That is "Why was the input of someone else who was not there at the time the contents and use of the rust remover bottle was explained" taking precedence over what needed to be done.

Guidance by other members of the fraternity

Actually "what would my younger sister do" was the next question that came before anything else! 

 As a young teenager in the 70's I'd seen my mum paint the toilet psychedelic colours in wavy lines as a quiet protest to something my father had done.

Mums van was next. Sanded back. Rust removed. Hand painted. And furbished. Then away she went on search for something that took years to find.

Adventure comes through many things in life.  

Adventure is what you make of your surroundings. How you treat people, and how they in turn consider you. Or maybe just the smile that that today was on your face.

Right at that moment female logic hit the forefront of the "you've already spent this money.. now use the product to find out for yourself!"  Experiment. 

However well intended it's only advice not orders

So the lid came off not only that bottle, but the roof of someone else's 'confining restrictions. 

Paint brush and product in hand there was something missing. With an old shop vegetable plastic tray later the holder for the rust remover was created. 

Add a pair of eye protection glasses over the reading glasses. Looked funny in the mirror. Did the job.

The internet is a wonderful instructional guide.

Everything to be painted was cloth dried. 

I mean everything that was intended to be painted was wiped down. The excuse that more was done was because there was to much paint stripper left in the little  container. 

No way was that going back into the original container.

The dogs sat inside the door patiently waiting.

 At one stage I'm sure they were wearing glasses!  Just my imagination there.  This time they stayed well away from the activity. Suppose being twenty-one human years these dogs may have found out a little about 'stay away from Susan when she has a paintbrush!'

Rust Remover checks 

In the afternoon when about to go out the rails were checked. Then with the magnifying glass in hand what was seen were like little pock marks where the rust had been. This stuff works. And there was the grin.

Well it works on the areas that you put it on. Today two things were achieved. The second coat all over went on If it was metal that got a coat of paint stripper. If done yesterday ... well there was again extra paint stripper so the paint brush just kept moving back and forth, up and down. This time there was nothing metal missed. Painted, rusted or just needing a coat to use the rest of the paint stripper the job to that point was now completed.

What's next? 

Tomorrow that area will be coated in protective plastic coating. Newspaper or something to catch the flicks and the drips.

The new paint brush  shall be used with enthusiasm. Up, down, under, across. each and every corner and join.  The colour is a light bronze.

Just a thought: 

Some of the veranda railings are currently black while others are white. Maybe a test run first is in order.

On that note these last few days it was prudent to buy one little paint brush. That too was part of the house maintenance adventure.

Cheers for now

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