Friday, 13 May 2022

walking in the mist

Today is the weekend.  Yes to that.

Woke up and on went the washing and out to the line... there is mist all around.

By noon there little bits f rain falling were just that little bit more. By one o'clock there is a stready-pitter-patter of light raindrops on the roof.

Needless to say the washing is still on the clothes line. Just wet enough to now stay there.

Well the run around from plant to plant occurred. These are now deseeded. The worms have them and the vegetable scraps from the preperation of chicken soup done early this morning. The fridge is now bare of many of the older vegetables. Actually the older vegetables became re-hydradeted after being chopped up and tossed in the base as chicken soup mixture. 

These small jobs completed  in between solving a mistary kept the morning hours occupied.

It worked.  After a few hours the accountant is now chasing facts through site that the normal person has  no access to the information.

In the mean time the office here has a picnic table propping up  about ten inches of receipts. Some of these have already gone through the accountant. They have a "filed" note on the top.

Now the adventure with the book work begins again as everything gets reviewed. Then filed away for ever and ever.

Looking forward to this part   It's like walking in the mist.  At times there are clear skies.  and sometimes even a few rain drops... At times its called crying with relief.

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