Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Well that Painting was cool

 Once there was a song completion where the young competitor quietly freaked out. The main judge walked over offering a drink from the container he was using.  One sip later the contestant stood in the middle of the stage and stated "Well that was cool!"

That saying so applies here

That is how I felt after the first coat of pain was applied to the front porch rail of number 14!

So far the splotches are 

  • all over  old dulled down bright pink jumper that was part of the "Mr Pinks Popcorn". 
  • the white is all over the paint brush held hands. Yes both of the hands. 
  • plus in the hair. It's complementary to the gray hair I suppose.
  • on the black and white dog [ Boof] has a white splotched ear.
  • there are a few specks on the foot path and porch. Ho-hum, the plastic paint splatter catcher moved exposing the concrete under it.
Decision - use less 

But after nearly three and a half hours of painting the base coat of the front door and the porch raining the realisation is that this painting stuff is like a child growing up before your eyes.

With only a little paint on brush, add a greater focus on where the bristles were going, the actual paint applied was a lot more care.  Result looked for - less everywhere was to apply.

Time consumes your concentration

It's now 2:42 pm and other than the fact it's getting really cold out there there is a temptation to go and add the bronze gloss.

Smile cause that temptation just won the day. You will be reading this for tomorrows post.

Happily it's time out finding adventure in paint.

Tomorrows post  you'll find out how far everything got to before the rains come again

Cheers for now,

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