Friday, 24 June 2022

The 3 x 2 meter Tin shed escapades -this time drainage.


Property maintenance is divided into many different areas. Over all number 14 s is still at the discover, unravel, sort out stage with massive starts and stops involved 

By the end of this post you, dear reader, will we hope have a smile and a chuckle at todays escapades with another reinvention of rain water redirection that leads to proper disposal.  

#HouseMainatance- Drainage at it's best.

Over the last few days the down pipe tucked in the corner of the office and the bungalow has been , well some will call it a work of art, others may shudder, but the artist within just may appreciate the fortuitous look at a multi jointed, 'arty' - fact obliquus!  Hey the fact that that meters of down pipe is holding okay so far is marvellous in itself it's completed] .

Today it was a day of getting ready for the tin shed guttering to go up.  YES!!!

Having heard of the saying "Two sides to every story.... it happened today.

The only one with a vehicle that could hold a three meter long piece of gutter was the son who turned up late last night. The ute was quite capable of carrying the pipe. All he did was tie it up with the piece of two meter rope. The piece from the twenty meters that held got a few months back for helping then.

As we went to go in there was the Lions Clubs sausage sizzle.  Yes I'll have one of those and mum willl...What do you want mum?" says he with the money out. 

This was great cause unknown to him the stop after this was to be the petrol station.  

This last week has been so frustrating re transport of long pieces of poly pipe. Public transport means the pipe has to be cut in half as it's classed a dangerous item to transport too larger lengths of materials. occupation health and safety issue. 

Hence the ute tray was just perfect.

So into the shop.  Straight down to the plumbing and bathroom area.  There were the gutters.  The choices being

  • Polypipe
  • Aluminium. 

For our needs a three meter piece of poly-pipe was the easiest choice. 

Now luckily as the attention turned to the ends a floor staff person came past. The reason for our confusion was quite often the bits get put back in the wrong place. Once the ends were sorted out the things to latch the drain onto the shed.  

Oh you drill into the shed! 

Do you have a drill?  Yes I brought that two months ago. Quietly thinking "but I now need to get those drill bits to make a decent hole." The hole for the water to come through.  

With the instructions of 

  • Work out where the hole will go.
  • Drill the hole.
  • Use glue to stick this piece of pipe into that hole.
  • Connect the down pipe to the ring thing under the gutter. Simple right?
That's another piece of equipment there

Then came a question.
Do you need two of everything?

The enlightenment happened when the diagram was drawn instead of explained again.

The sticking point was the vertical four-sided bean right in the middle of where the gutter is..Then there is a ten centimetre off shoot of extra shed. The good thing is there is a spare space between the garden shed and the square pole.

One diagram later and there was a fully understanding male literally joining bits together..
 |  |              |   |
-   -             -    -
 |  |_______|    |
 \____     ____/
          |   |
As another person said... 
"it's like joining meccano building blocks together.  Give the "man the diagram and watch him work it out in front of you" was what another friend had said just a few evenings ago. It worked.

Yes the glue was remembered.  Yes the sillastic tubes were remembered.  No I brought the pusher thing yesterday.

To the counter and out we went
Next step was a very simple and heart felt thank you

They say time is money.  It surely is when the person helping you is unaware that they will be thanked through some way of assistance.  In this case it was simply petrol.

Over to the petrol station and into the tank went a delivery amount for what would have been the cost of the 3 meter long drain.. 

For the rest of the trip

Half way home came the question... Mum when are you doing this job?  Chuckling the answer came... when I sort out how to drill a hole into the tin shed to hang the guttering off.

But that is tomorrows look in job.

Right now the next thing to do is take the dogs over to the paddock across the road and just let them enjoy the 20 cm grass growing there.

Tuesday, 21 June 2022

What a few Hours In The Garden May Bring To You

What a day!  Every time there is a breath of time floating by it seems there is rain, rain and more rain.

Sure the rain is appreciated.  Not very many plants like to grow well without rain, or watering.

So today things kinda got a bit long in the tooth time wise.

Today it seems the jobs put themselves in order. Like do the clean up in the side garden. Well half of that got done.

That involved placing a bamboo fence near the chillies.  moved on to the removal of the near rusted through couch. That's on the nature strip waiting for the council nature strip refuse pickup next month.  Just need to contact the council tomorrow and book in the pick up.

About this time the last of the summer veges in the tall and also the square garden were plucked out of the very went ground.  

Next step was to round up the apple tree logs cut last year. Those pieces of wood were then piled along next to the little deck side wall.

That brought forward the change needed with a little metal side table.  The ply wood was very wet and rotten. Only thing was the four screws that held the plywood table top on are now dangerous.

Guess that goes out to the front as well.

The green waste bin came inside. Now that bin is full with blackberry which regrew when the pumpkins were on the ground growing.

The compost of course needs both turning and replacement along the garden beds soon to be done. Hopefully when the rain stops in the next few days.

The tomatoes that were green, two were red, are in the kitchen. The plants though were not that lucky.  They are in the compost. Along with the frost bitten marrow, various weeds, grasses and bits of 'stuff on the concrete. That's all in the compost bins too.

By the end of a couple of hours that part of the yard has been ready for a late winter planting.

Just as well the seedlings are ready for the replanting. From the small seedlings into individual pots.  What is not yet already done is the turning of the earth. Which is a challenge as there are so many herbs and plants already growing. Thus the only thing to do is turn, lime and aerate the compost.

But tomorrow there is one of two areas now to complete out that side area of the garden.

  • the BBQ area there were pumpkins growing there and they have finally done their dash. Defiantly more for the compost. Just as well one of the four compost bins is empty. The rhubarb froze its leaves off during the cold snap. There is things to do there.  And quickly.
  •  the area where the two trees were removed last year. defiantly the grasses are overgrown yet wet enough to pull out.
After this there was just enough time to do a portion of the shrub trimming along the foot path.

All this just goes to show that when you have the tools, the time, along with the motivation things come together. Sure tomorrow there are more jobs to finish and to of course to start.  One after the other.

Point is if one person can do this then other people can do this as well.

Choose the ground you wish to plant out.  Move on from there.  Got build and plant.  Water and keep feeding the plants, worms and the ground. Enjoy the food. 

Unlike many things.... the garden and the plants just keep changing. Getting deeper, hopefully fuller and wow, more reproductive as the seasons change.

Keep your garden going with love, smiles and happiness as part of the heart felt joy the activity brings to people.

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