Sunday, 3 July 2022

Move That Old Garage Door Over There

That aluminium covered, ratty and tatty, door really needed to move. That old garage door. Over there seemed simple enough.  Push, pull, slowly and surely progress of a few meters was made.

Things were actually going well - until, with the slight unbalance, the door went to the left, got jammed and just would not budge.

Meanwhile the dogs watched [amused] from just around the corner. The challenge was there was no-one else available to help move the door.

Time to go do something else

All in Gods plan was muttered.  So the situation was safe, just the door was not moving anywhere fast. 

Enter one son. Bliss.

Ask and you shall receive!

The end goal is to utilise the frame work as a roof of a chicken house. If not a chicken house then cover for the worm farm and compost area.

Meanwhile, just a few days ago behind the water tank the blackberry was cut down. As much as possible was removed out. This will be the potatoes in pots area for this year.

Make the area tidier

Since arriving at number 14 this old garage door, that was at number 19  

  • was meant to be a detachable roof for over the green tin shed.
    • only thing was the shelter part was delayed until it was never actually created.
  • hung around under the kitchen window.
  • was finally moved around to number 14 where the number of 'resting places' became very scare.
  • always seemed to be not quite in the right place
    • was getting closer with each 'move'.
    • is now blocking the actual garage door. No-one is getting in there without a noise being heard.
    • guess where the garage door was suggested to be placed in the first place!

So move that old garage door over there is gradually getting closer to where it was meant to be in the first place.

Oh well someone listened!

What seems junk to some people is a treasure to others. So stick to your inner vision even if it means just slowly make things happen. 

Remember that all garden adventures start with an idea.

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