Monday, 1 August 2022

Paint The Veranda Rails Once More

As an experimental painter [2nd day on the job]there were a lot of things, tips and trade secrets to learn. Even knowing that the only resolution to make was do the painting correctly. 

Definitely, not to start a new job until the first job has been completed has been a common team. Focus on one before you start on another.. 

So I Got into painting the veranda rails once more

Having painted the first coat of hard gloss paint over the white primer used on the veranda rails with a too large paint brush there are little pockets of paint that were missed.

Still love the marble effect that the wet paint had. Except that where the paint was applied in two layers, as the first coat had a kind of seal over it already the second coat change the wet marble effect.

The next morning this effect was of a solid low golden bronze colour. A really beautiful solid soft golden colour.

What was actually needed during the 

One that even came up really soft with a sheen when the pictures of the veranda were taken.

Hence the walk down the road to buy another paint brush. 

And of course the wait now for a convenient morning with which to wash the painted hand rails . With a dilute soft soap addition to a bucket of water.

Buy the tools that suit the job size

While at that the 1 centimetre paint brush will break free form the packaging to begin the painting all over everything again.  

The convenience of having a correctly measured brush size adds to the fun of knowing there is a one stroke 'downward' all the way down on the vertical parts.

From left to right horizontal square pipe work. Especially the inside rail on the actual handrail facing the door.  Mostly hidden out of view.

Stokes matter with paint jobs

These are just some of the small things that have risen from the first time of painting a veranda hand rail.

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