Thursday, 29 September 2022

Plant the little Aloe Vera's today

 Today the Aloe Vera was suddenly seen.  Poor little thing was not doing well inside the dinning room little table near the windows.  

The winter sun time is still flexible.  Sometimes hot, other times very cold.  Often forgotten and so not watered.  Which of course leaves weak, wet rooting system to develop.

That of course is not much good when this healing Aloe Vera plant needs to do.  

The plant is a special plant. 

Early in 2019 the dogs and mum and I were at Inverloc.  Happened there was a market there.  Jennifer is the lady who sat patiently waiting for the animals in need to come along.

This definably was a fantastic opportunity.  The dogs loved her.

A few months go by. Boof had been hurt in a car accident a few months later. Jenifer was contacted.  There was mum on her knees tending to the areas Jenifer was walking her through on.

Appointment time number three

Next time was Martin and I taking Boof and Sox down to the bay and catching up with Jennifer.

Needless to say Martin stayed out of the way. Watched the birds in the trees and the shadows on the wall.

Sox and Boof remembered Jennifer too

Well Sox has had a small open sore just between the eyes on the right side of the medium line.

Told to purchase the Aloe Vera plant.  And what this particular plant would look like.

Everywhere was in lock down  

Plus the vehicle was not functioning well.  

One of the last things purchased before the vehicle refused to move was the Aloe Vera plant.

It's now a few seasons later. The plant has done what the nursery lady told me to allow it to do.  Grow up.  Shoot side shoots. Let it live before the harvesting is done.

Aloe Vera Action time had come

A few days ago the little gravel pieces out the front of the kitchen and dining room windows was wet enough to allow the grass to be pulled out.  

But what to go in there now. Something that would survive having no soil that's for sure.  Something that does not appreciate continued wet area surfaces.  

Location, Location and Location

Well the stones will take care of that.

And somewhere where it is easily reachable in times of emergencies.

Challenge Accepted

So here it is... A potted Aloe Vera plant with nineteen shoots ready and waiting to be planted.

And that was a quarter of the main plants surface area. That main plant sits in the now aeriated soil, in the pot that needs worm tea for uplifting and growth factors.

Forgot to take in the dogs choice here.

Now Sox does not like it when the Aloe Vera plant leaf is picked, picked open a so that the moisture within can do it's stuff.

Oh come on mum, it's wet, sticky, gooey, slimy, and any other descriptive word that may be applied to a little healing kindness donated to his sore by the plant.

So what does a dog do when a plant is planted... 

Goes and urinates on the Aloe Vera plants of course!

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