Friday, 2 September 2022

Tomorrows brighter ideas for No.14

Late Thursday night the made dash to a late night Batemans Bay warehouse was made.  

There the mad dash around this huge store in search for 

  • grouting materials, 
  • wall washing objects as well as 
  • general purpose clean up.
By the time the drive way was sighted, for me, it was cuppa time and literally time to rest. What happened after that was any ones guess. But by the next morning 'gee' the upstirs master bedrooms shower looked really terrific.

Which is just as well as towards the end of that night before the shower run wheel had come off, been 'fixed' and somehow between both of us that little screw was into the wheel, then onto the rail again.

Breakfast time was nearly a meal on the run. 

With visitors about to arrive it was time for 'time out' and away from the business discussions about that house. After all my presence as a friendly helper was not needed.

But there was something really fun learnt - that a sparkling clean, freshly grouted, shower looks really fantastic.  Secondly that the squeezy plastic bottle of ready-made grout has a tendency to dry out between grouting's.

Luckily just before we headed back to our respective homes the next day that part used bottle was gifted into my possession. A terrific bonus as now there was a picture in my head of a finished set of re-grouted tiles in the bathroom and the shower.

Somehow that grandiose idea of maintained skills application just kept slipping into fruition. All that was needed to do was practice what was seen doing.

There was one challenge, besides the fact that this was a new learning skillset, - the shower tiles were old pink with older looking pink grout. Something that for years was a pet annoyance was finally getting dealt with. Therefore it would be a "To grout that shower, or Not to Grout the shower walls" action choice tomorrow.

And with any luck the job would be done in a day! Oh how that was not the case.  Like any job, there are bit's not known about.

Not tomorrow's brighter ideas for no 14 ... the day after will do

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