Friday, 30 September 2022

Suggestions of what else to do in dehydration of Parsley preparation

 Parsley, in compost, grows well.  Really well.  Then comes the harvesting.  Oh Boy. .. suddenly there is now a lot of parsley.  Growing fast and furious.

In this post the nest adventures of what happens to parsley once grown are about to take place.

Over time the methods are the same, the results vary

Parsley, even cheveril, are amazing plants to dehydrate.  Consider the whole plant.  That whole plant has stalks that are terrific in soups and stews.  However, the leaves are thinner than the stalks.

Answer dehydrate the stalks away from the machines. Say hanging up in a clean, non-dusty area of the house.

Make do with what is available

Here there is a carport.  The challenge is the weather in spring is so up and down with its moisture content.
If too damp then mould literally happens before the end of a few days.

Is giving up and composting these stalks an option.

Of course it is.  However do you want this to be an option  is the question.  What bout using the old fashion moulee.... hand controlled.

There are options that pioneers brought with them.  Electric grinders tend to get the plants stem fibres caught around moving parts.

From picking to preserving

Nearly two hours of just removing the parsley leaves, then shrinking the cuts even further, nearly made up for the boredom at part time.  

As tedious as the process may seem

Garden plants have creatures, dust and not up to par vegetation hiding within and on them.

Stripping leaves from stems, washing, removing garden creatures, and shaking the leaves, placing these into the dehydrator.  The best idea is to make sure the hot air blows equally through.

Nearly an impossibility. Thus keep checking, removing the really dry parts.  Realigning the 'damp' areas and carry one with the dehydration. Re-checking further on.

The results surprize many first timers

Isolation over years has sent many people to the phones and headsets.  Amazing at how the atmosphere changes when there is a friend, or family member, taking about a project. 

Mention some recipe ideas.  Parsley butter created  , such a simple method, made once could have alterations.  A little curry, turmeric [ defiantly would turn the butter yellow], and other such consuming ideas may open the doors for different recipes.

Found that having a phone handy, a friendly discussion broke the boredom factor. There was laughter, smiles and the time flue past fast.

Satisfaction , that's entirely up to you now

Simply reaching your own satisfaction levels is a first step.  Meanwhile challenging your self to go further next time for many experiences may, just may, change dietary input. 

Let us know in the comments section below.

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