Monday, 24 October 2022

This New Passion For Growing Artichokes

One goal behind this new passion for growing artichokes

For some they may feel like the new passion for growing Artichokes sprung out of nowhere. You want to learn grow the artichoke in pots as the soil is minimal, or the garden is small in size. But the challenge of the artichokes is now possible.

You want a wider garden experience 

As each new thing is a new learning challenge actually taking to others about their experiences becomes a Garden Adventure.

 In this post a small challenge this year was space, creation of space in the area set aside to plant, grow vegetables and just experience potted plants, along with a small compost laden growing area.

 New plant types is an out right challenge.

To know that what the biggest fear was is to be bulb less, even after a few years growth.

Get what you are doing right to grow the artichoke, then harvest that plant.  How to cook the artichoke?  What ingredients within recipes taste the best.

There is a passion for growing artichokes

This passion has been developed over the last one and a half years. In the spring nearly a year ago two Artichoke bulbs were purchased from a local garden nursery. Here these struggling Artichoke plants were treated as throw away stock

It was a case of quick, educate yourself 

Some really quick reading occurred. In stock was everything that was needed. Including compost ready to go into the large pot plant holders now covered with extra large, tough waterproof garden bags. Literally water these Artichoke plants back into life and living.

These have survived. 

But we had dreams of artichokes growing for years

More so than the garden critters who eat these plants. To walk out side and see the Artichoke leaves being stripped bare met with a snail and slug check. Sure enough  these were happily munching holes in the external leaves.  Not for long. The plants are now pest free as much as can be.

The extra care is worth it

The obvious is that these garden critters that had found a new abode, are now displaced. Any new snails and slugs who find these artichoke plants will also find some blue pellets as takeaways right next in the stem leaves base. Because these pellets are not animal consumption desirable a firm plastic netting has gone up around the Artichoke inner edge of pot plant containers.

Try before you buy process

If you see yourself as someone who is up to the challenge of experiencing new sensations both within your expanding vegetable garden you educate your palate. . Typically vegetable and fruit shops have Artichokes for sale. Have you thought of asking around, or advertising, or attending a garden produce swap meeting?

Create some outcomes

Have you what is needed for the Artichokes? Create some. Artichokes do take room and they love certain pH ranges. Know a recipe, plan the meal, have practice with shop purchased artichokes. Enjoy the comparison with your home grown  artichokes.    

You can do this

Write about the challenges that brings a smile into your day from anything while tending the seedlings, protecting the plants. Feeding the leaves the snails and slugs dinned on into the worm farm or compost bins.   The tools and experiences are there. Grown along the way.

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