Tuesday, 4 October 2022

A new definition on the day of reckoning

 In order to create logo what do you need?  

  • That one 'thing' that matches what your brand represents.
  • That thing must be unique, owned by you.
    • copy righted and patented by you. Ie Branded as your signature.
  • Recognized as exclusively yours.
  • Know that what is now may not be later.
So far so good.

Early 2019 there was a space of time whilst in England on a business trip. That business trip was meant to include how to market what you were marketing. Part of that course was to find your 'brand' logo.

Three years later there is a sense of real relief realization that has happened.

Of course people in business know that trade secrets depend on who owns the secret first. Thus, when people use your tools, knowledge, education and staff to create 'their' brand who owns that trade mark or idea?  They do. Or it should be said the company that registers' the trademark first owns it.

If, for some reason something happens, you walk away from the company would you still own the trademark, brand or merchandise idea? Probably not with out a large court case.

So there I was, having missed the deadline for application to the course. Yet, the tickets for the trip to England had been paid for.  So the trip time came up.  I was not allowed to cancel these tickets. The idea was put when visiting the person who had been supported over a few years. "You go Susan.  If you can take a ride on the river barges for me."

Funny, but even a simple ride on the English river barges was not about to happen.  The winter come early spring season does not see many barges leave where they have winter docked.  

In the last week near Oxford the house that was house-sitted had a cat who used to love jumping up a shelf [ four floors up] and lying on the internet receiver.  Needless to say the owners of the house were unaware of this felines little game.  Multiple times up and down those stairs... you keep fit doing these exercises.

The weather was really terrific on the day the cat was caught asleep!  Down the stairs  and out the door.  Smiling quietly . The roundabout in the middle of the roads are so small.  Yet people slowed. Stopped and carefully proceeded around these tiny intersection things.

At the bottom of the road turned right.  Crossed the road  and walked down a wide foot path meandering down a river that was flowing fast.  The spring thaw it was presumed. 

Near one of the bends an excavator team was there digging out the canal.  It's then the bird flew under the open arm area.  The two others following her actually hit the arms of the traxcavator.  These two  dropped into the flowing river.  Two big male, angry birds, with a head ache. To make it worse the lady they were chasing had got away. Honking as though laughing.  Literally as free as a bird

What a stir.  These surrounding work men had to go into the water, with life jackets on, rescue those dazed, angry male birds.

Time takes care of a lot of things.  One your mind deals with coming back home into fire danger mess, family 'assisted' strife', landlords upsets, and then when that is settled down, you move anyway round the corner into a relatives home while they are away.

As things finally start to settle down, the house begins to show wear and tear. The animals that you care for, and they care for you have hit the twenty-three year old mark. They don't like the cold, they do like following you around.  The sun shining on their fur.  Maybe they no longer see and hear the things  around them.  But there is a peace inside them as long as you are nearby.  As long a they know you are coming back.

And at that point you know there is something important to do. Today it appears was a day of reckoning. Unlockable utterances ... along with that something that slips out so easily from your mouth into a conversation with a person met way before the trip overseas.  That person has literally been nagging you to do this one little action.

There is quiet on both ends of the phone now.  

Actually that phone call is still going as it is boarded. Two hours there and nearly three back, Fifty dollars lighter the  Quill paper, the cutting blades and glue, plus a picture frame is in the bag being carried to the next bus stop.

The sun is shining, you arrive home and there is your mother visiting.

Now the funny thing is as the explanations for what everything is for the comment comes back... "what were you waiting for?" You've had that freedom for as long as I remember." 

Along with "Raymond gave you that freedom!.. like Raymond has given you this house to live in while he cannot be here."

Right now is the the moment in the day of reckoning you accept your first bird created no longer represents what you have come to be. That its colourful, brought happiness and colour into your life. But your life has moved on.

That is when the realisation comes the bird that  
  •  was the first bird created had all colours, padding on the water was going nowhere fast.
  •  is flying freely has action, quietly uplifts and has so much grace she flies freely.
This my friend is the day of reckoning. Life is simple when the realization hits that there is no way you are about to postpone that moment.  

The day of reckoning, right up to this moment, was just a sentence.  Now there is such power behind  the sentence phrase that the swan is about to fly off before the pencil literally hits the paper.

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