Wednesday, 5 October 2022

Amazing what a mothers help achieves

 Today was a little bit on the early spring warmth side. The type of early spring weather when the rains are threatening.  The news across the internet, radio and out of everyone you meet, seems to be the intending wet weather sweeping the country.

This post is about the changing face of a potted garden.

Just over twelve months ago the property here had many small already potted plants in and around it. These were added to the collection of what was saved when we moved from the house around the corner to here.

Many containers have been upsized over the winter while these plants were meant to be in the dormant hibernation phase.

That the dormant phase seems to not have happened brought about other changes noticed.

Keeping up with the soil top-up requirements

Of course larger pots means more soil needed.  Usually quickly.

The worm farm and compost always seems to be in short supply, as the decomposition times runs a little slow over winter. Naturally it would be easy to go to the shops purchase about a hundred bags of potting mix to just top up the larger pots.  At least to place the depotted plant in to a larger container complete with new levels of potting mix on the bottom of the newer container, and fill up the sides.

Bigger posts and plants means a change of position

That is what happened today. Better yet was the area leading to, and with in the outside office, bungalow, and door ways through to the quite, side garden has enjoyed a facelift.

The plants there now are:
  • Purple lavenders,
  • White tipped purple lavenders
  • Rosemary plants 
  • Nasturtiums
  • Strawberries
  • Thyme plants
All these companion plants were quietly getting squash out amongst the plants out there in the back yard area.

Meanwhile, mum found the wheel barrow with the nearly emptied compost in it. It's terrific having neighbours with chickens, and guinea pigs.

Change is as good as a rest at times.

The amazing thing often overlooked with potted plants is the ability to reposition as the garden gets more growth.

Another , far more important thing is the ability to say... I will bring over the plants, and "will you sort them out mum?".  Having already lifted the biggest ones into place there is more just like a general pottering around care to share.  Yet amongst that pottering around small, beautifully significant placement changes are done.

There were two jobs left to complete

The first was the sweeping up and around the plants.

The second one, still to be done by humans, is the watering of these plants. It did rain this morning yet this area is zoned as a dry bit, not quite catching all the rain as its sheltered by buildings and a thirty-year-old Cyprus tree.


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