Saturday, 8 October 2022

Parsley Butter has been created

The garden has many advantages

Some of which are you know what has gone into the food prepared, served and even stored.

Simple things within the kitchen and dietary applications are just there. Right at the finger tips. Yet most people would rather the added preservatives in their food.

Create the parsley butter

In this post there is a recipe for parsley butter.

  • 500 hg unsalted butter.
  • dash of rice oil.
  • dehydrated parsley / or chervil a dash of milk powder.
  1. Heat in pan all the ingredients.  Make sure the heat is a very low heat.
  2. Stir and turn off the heat. 
  3. Leave for a few hours so that everything is cool to touch.
  4. Now  blend with beater. The aim is to make the mix light a fluffy.
  5. Place in preserving jars. 
  6. The lid must be air tight. 
  7. Put container, with the ingredients in it, in fridge.
The recipe is a simple one. With results that just take a few minutes to finalize... once the mixture is cool to touch.

Notes to self.

The butter itself will last a while with refrigeration.  The dehydration process does alter the intensity of the flavour.

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