Wednesday, 23 November 2022

Always Wanted To Be Creative On One Platform

 Some years ago

The internet started to go public. Admittedly that was a little before the computer crossed the path of a fourteen year old girl walking down the corridor of a friends house . The green letters glowed out of the cupboard and into the darkened  hall

Nearly thirty years later the computer burst into our lives as a handy tool to use.  Google, blogger, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter..

Arguably known as the most progressive

Now there are updates and new platforms opening all over the show. All tapping into trusts and the like unknown to their users.

Twitter had hit as close to rock bottom as a social site could go.  The times have changed but did the practices of marketing change with it?

Not really.  You see for a program to change they need to inter-grate everything at the very base level.

Make it as clear as it can be

Change includes the users knowledge basis.  The ability to improve, alter, change and action that knowledge.

To action that change one must first either find and experiment with the platforms new 'toy' or bring in knowledge, learning and practice to implement the changes from somewhere else.

The answer was rather surprising

Capitalizing on knowledge from several different sauces the Twitter posts had photos. Then there were the 10,000 character writings from behind the pictures. These pictures worked really well as a draw card alerting people to the story behind the pictures presence.

Prepped for success

The thing I love about these photos is that the uploading is simple. It's the naming of the photos that takes the time.

Also you have lots of creative ideas for other places to place these pictures, gifts and videos. Ultimately the way you name those photos  that suits the platforms is just brilliant.

By the way

There is a great reason why this basic systematic name of photos on Twitter phots

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  1. Good thing to be creative on one platform, so I started Pestey


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