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Letter to the Hazelwood Hall new Tenants


                                                                                                                19 October 2022

P.O. Box 169


Hello To Pastor Steve and the team at CRC Churchill

A few weeks ago there was a space in the schedule to pop down and visit.

From that meeting two things were ascertained 

1) the old challenge of water logging is still reverent.

2) Additionally the inability connect the front concrete pathway area to the parking space out the front.

As a representative of the previous leases please note the following.

3) When the hall was first built by the community members of Hazelwood, as now, the property belonged to the current owners... as a TRUST. for the people, by the people... see below.

A few pieces of quiet information to pass on

Which simply means the Trust looks/caretakes after property for the people.  But, on behalf of the people the users need to maintain the property.

As such the stipulation was, has been for as many years as I've known it to be, the property needs to be maintained only as it was originally. Basically, clean, neat tidy and in good repair.

This I see you have done.  With one exception... 

Hazelwood Hall  is not sinking of its own accord.  

In fact what is happening to this building points to ...the people responsible for caretaking of the driveways, parking areas, and road to the other buildings next door have all experienced road and ground maintained via the appropriate level of Federal or Council authorities.

The belief is that the Council do this maintenance on behalf of the Federal side of things.

There in lies a major challenge.  Over time the front parking area has been made taller. 

  • Drainage cannot happen 
    • unless it flows over into the farmland properties.  
      • This effectively means the Hazelwood hall sits passively in a water logged mote.

Solution.: involves both

   The planting of trees, or water loving shrubs, all around the fence lines.  Shrubs possibly best re removal permissions at a later date.

Open Area Fence lines

From the front door to the left where the big tree has been damaged. Near the Soccer club entrance drive.

 The on the left down to where the equivalent back fence is of the Hazelwood Hall/ farm land on the left facing the Hazelwood Hall.  The Soccer club actually had to ask the Hazelwood and Churchill District Leader for permission to park or hold actives of any sort on that land section.  

Reason for this were various Guide only activities.

Access to the Hazelwood Hall

Thus, the access from the higher parking area to the beginning of the old footpath  will be a disaster waiting to happen. this would include:

  • people on foot... especially lady's in heals.
  • pram wheels.
  • wheel chairs
Consequences come in the form of 

  • carpet repair, 
  • maintenance,
  • constant cleaning
  • stump / foundation issues and challenges.

The suggestion is to action a request to the land owner / trustee for the elevation of the currently used  entrance. This would mean  at least a 10 centimetre height addition.  To avoid a step up seek request of either

  • the Trustee's reduce the height of step down from the parkway out front. 
  • Alternatively  they, the Trustees place pipes to drain the water away from the moat.
  • Third option includes both of the above as well as concreting in  the gap, with additional ground  cover being provided . 
This would then raise the level 'back' up too the what would be a flat car park area into the Hazelwood Hall entrance way.

Solves all the challenges then as this when finalised will, without doubt, solve most of the ongoing issues.

Re keeping things as they were originally.

The old photos that were once viewed by myself had a pathway through the fence. The fence ran along the boundary thus stopping any 'air carriages' and livestock [namely horses or donkeys hitched to it] from entering the land and gardens. Plus over eating the greenery of the trees planted around the area.

The fence was white painted. Built as a farmer would have it... hitching rail type thick horizontal bars and down posts.

Given the 'height' of the parkway now out the front it would be a suggestion to action appropriate drainage requests from the trustees of the land being held for the actual owners of the land.  

The traditional owners of the land...Kurnai people 

This was ratified via correspondence that was signed sent out by the Trustees.  The basis of the wording referred to 'if the then principle tenants were no longer in use of the land.... then where would the ownership be placed.'

The answer was collectively sort. To the Guides here the answer was back to the to the Traditional owners of the land,  However, when further asked The verbal reply from the then elder-elders representative rejected/ did not want anything to do with the building, land etc.  

In conclusion, as a body there are a couple of places to seek assistance.  Everyone of the need to address the party responsible for raising the parking area out the front without proper removal of the trapped water behind the road maintenance and construction.

Hope this assists you and your teams 


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