Sunday, 20 November 2022

There are days where a job needs to be started

 something will try to divert you!

Should you be called to do something quit mucking around. Just know something will defiantly need to be prepared for.

Then there are the times where to is known from the start just how far those perceived boundaries are flexible.

what outside?

Right now it is a miserable day outside.  Fine the weather pattern is not fantastic. The work outside means things getting wet.

But there is no need to go outside.

the space inside 

The office is clear and clean.  

what about the actual jobs inside

For a break the stock taken office items in the spare bedroom will continue to be sorted then get stocked in the office... or repacked and back into storage.

Cross this off the list. This is not an activity for today.

Decluttered mind

Two days ago an old Building had it's opening day.  The Hazelwood Hall s was the building that as a fairly new person into the community membership into the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District was accepted thirty odd years ago.

For the next very nearly twenty years this church was like a second home.

Two days ago a old church opened it's doors

As of Saturday the 17th  November 2022 this hall officially opened its doors to the public. Now the Hazelwood Hall has a small church in residence

Me, it was felt that I had now come home.   A place where it was easy to step up to and become a homebody part of.

There are many parts of healing.

Sometimes mean the jig saw puzzle's of life  need to be gently placed aside so that other things will now open up and be completed.

The brief time at this hall reminded the mind of a Bell Bird whose voice was also clipped due to the varnishing of the floor vapours.

What to now?

That has already been a promise to do. Today the 1,000 quotes has already started. Yesterday walking home in the rain it was realised the lady who sent out daily quotes was no longer doing so.  Hopefully it is that the Telstar staff whipped all the 30 years of telephone numbers when they were serving the phone.

Either way those bible quotes to the phone have disappeared.

Ministry comes in many ways

Late last week Pastor Steve from a Morwell Church made a statement about something else. "I hadn't thought of that Mission.

Today it clicked..

So, today the first of the email quotes has been created.

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