Friday, 23 December 2022

Take All The Education You Can Get And Work With It

Take all the education you can get on the subject matter

last week the home maintenance man came through to check what was needed to start, work on and finish the list of jobs that were needed to do.

The things that were needed sort.  After all it was to be completed by the end of the year so time and specials were able to be used to purchase equipment/  Costs then were kept affordable as there purchase were spread over the year.

If someone wanted to set up a whose available check list

Simply combined the people were scarce around the valley who had the trade backgrounds this houses jobs required. Melbourne is expanding so much tradesmen are often not available for long periods of time.

Today is the day of the maintenance to the drain-pipe area between the walkway [ currently office, the bungalow and the green garden shed.

The requirement list set out 

One of the hardest things was finding someone who 

  • comfortably could work in that less than a meter gap. 
  • knew what they were doing. 
  • knew what the safety protects were to take.
  • got on with the job.
  • the two home dogs here are okay with the person being around me - right outside the office.
  • lastly that the maintenance person is light weight enough to walk on the roof of the walk way.
All these came into fruition one day as a person walked past and a hello was said. There was a time lapse though.

A Safety organised workspace set up completed
The area just out side the actual work space is already divided into different work sections.

The important thing is :
  • the electrify has a safety check switch adaptor connected into the wall socket.  
    • Outside electrical cords that were tidy and boxed are now in use.
  • The tools are nearby.
  • The equipment is right there on hand.
A blessing is that although the next few days are meant to rain non-stop this day is a beautifully sunny, a little balmy breeze just being there helps to keep things bearable. Australia's sun is harsh regarding sunburn.

The uniform worn is all covered. Including sunglasses and a sunhat.

With us, we include meals if wanted
Meanwhile lunch is being prepared.  The time to stop and eat is nearby.

This workman is invited to eat what is prepared.

It was not long before the home maintenance man was able to get on with the job.  Right now the down pipe is in place.  The guttering needs are actively being sorted. Soon the request for an extra pair of hands to hold a gutter in place will come along.

Be willing to take yourself on.
Systematically the thing man is outside sawing the wood for the guttering brackets to sit on.  With each cut the knowledge in my own head is that  by not learning the skill of home maintenance fix-ups at the highest possible end, there is now room for the online things to be completed for today.

Add to that that by asking, in total belief that this gutter maintenance job's time limit would be met, affordable and done by Christmas Day the biggest present to this house was able to be marked off the list is being achieved.

Hey not to worry there is still the rest of the list to go.

Be adaptable when you visualize the end product. 

Simply, take all the education you can get on the subject matter. Yet go with the flow towards that overall goal. You are going to attract just the people who believe in what needs to be done.  They know it can be done as they have the skills, tools, knowledge, time and abilities.

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