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contrast people with a spark of lead potential

Just Create a list of 101+ outcomes.

Typically include everything. Even things that somehow are to fit into that list.  When physically  meeting in person that man in late 2015 the last comment stated as I was departing was called out to myself. "Everyday state 100 times your intention. Every day repeat the 'mantra'."

In this day and age it was believed by many that to make an intonation [affirmation] there were various steps to undertake.  In addition. the emphasis was on the time of completion.  Besides, the what was to be completed.

What's more, the person concerned needed to thoroughly get to grips with what and how, and why this would come about.  They would have to be ready for the mind shifts and release of life as you know it paradigms.  These things were also explained in  various different forms previous to that.  

  • Church simply stated to ask Jesus.  Not saying a things about making that request - backed by what is written in the Bible - directly to God.  Add the Holy Ghost so that your angel is activated.
  • The Swami Ackundananda who came to the commune near Auckland in the 1970s  he showed people through yoga  to clear their pathways into a higher level of thinking.
  • At work they ask you where you wanted to be in five years time.  This was for training goal purposes.
    • What we did not know was the level of requested information given was squirreled away for future community selections for activities.  
On reflection, each time your mind allowed you to move out of one space, into another level your occupancy on lists was enlivened. Into a smaller, more selected group.

Sure, life is a real drag at times. With any luck, something happens so that the walls come tumbling down. Right then and there seize, activate and enjoy the experiences that now are present.

After an instant decision, 'some careful thought' aspect went out the door. Next realisation of this man was he'ld already made the decision as in jest he'ld written it an intention to 'walk on the bottom of the sea/ ocean bed'. As a result  that person saw the flyer, promptly booked themselves in. From that point that person faced their fears of water.  

Secondly, someone had shown him how marvellous water bubbles were against the skin. How the experience under water with water movement everywhere could carry the bubbles along, freeing the fears that were yet to be faced. The time came and so he did so. In some other balmy beautiful holiday resort

That same year there was a jump out of a plane... all in the aid of a charity fundraiser.

At another holiday resort later that year the boss he was working for - that same person, arriving late, was presented with a hand full of bubbles.

 This man had no inkling as to how incredibly important to a growing company he actually was.... until one of the leaders brought him some bubbles from the swimming pool a few floors down.  Until he reached out to the rail, looked down to see the other people all in the pool.  Well those one could see under the ever increasing bubbles.

You see what I now believe no-one there knew was that over the 2018/19 Christmas/ New Year  break he would fly in a private jet [ another of the bucket list things] to another country to have a few nodules out at the base of his skull / neck. Then go back home to rest.

Just shortly after that that was the time for myself to fly to England and visit my kin.  That was not to be though.  England was fun and totally enjoyable though.  Even with winter just becoming spring, about to burst into life.

But was it to be a mantra, a picture drawn by self,  a prayer, or the. what I thought was an out of tune singing around the house that would be my way through.

Turns out the more singing I was involved in the better my voice sounded to others.  Especially with the sound technicians doing their things.

About that time, and a more recent prompt  was the reminder that God has all things in co9ntrol.  All it needs is the worldly form to connect to the highest energy form out  Remind that form of what they have promised. Then make way for His angels to grant that request.

Everyday people do every day things.  In contrast, people with a spark of lead potential need a challenge to take that spark further than they think possible.

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contrast people with a spark of lead potential

Just Create a list of 101+ outcomes . Typically include everything. Even things that somehow are to fit into that list.  When physically  me...